You Are Invited!

Join us for Sunday worship at 8:00 AM (in person), 9:30 AM (in person and broadcast live), or 5:00 PM (in person).

Come and experience God's love in the heart of Middletown, Delaware.

Saint Anne's is a God-loving, Jesus-following, neighbor-serving, hope-filled, faithful, inclusive, Episcopal Church. You're invited. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is included.

When you visit Saint Anne's, we want you to feel comfortable, and here are answers to some:
Frequently Asked Questions.

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Holy Week Schedule

April 2

Sunday of the Passion:
Palm Sunday
8:00 AMHoly Eucharist: Rite I with palms and the passion Gospel
in person
9:30 AMHoly Eucharist: Rite II with palms, and the passion Gospel
in person & broadcast live

April 6

Maundy Thursday:
The Last Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ
5:00 PMChildren's Maundy Thursday Worship
in person
7:00 PMHoly Eucharist with foot washing
in person & broadcast live

April 7

Good Friday:
The Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ
12:00 PMGood Friday Worship
in person
4:00 PMChildren's Good Friday Worship
in person
7:00 PMGood Friday Office with music
in person & broadcast live

April 9

Easter Sunday:
The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ
6:00 AMSunrise Service at Old St. Anne's Church
in person
8:00 AMHoly Eucharist: Rite I
in person
9:00 AMHoly Eucharist: Rite II
in person & broadcast live

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This Week At Saint Anne's

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist: Rite I Bulletin
In-person worship
9:30 AM Holy Eucharist: Rite II Children's Bulletin Bulletin
In-person worship and Broadcast Live
10:45 AM Sunday School
September - May
5:00 PM Holy Eucharist: Rite II Bulletin
In-person worship
6:00 PM Youth Groups
September - May

No Events Scheduled

6:00 PM Centering Prayer
Via Zoom
12:10 PM Healing Service
Saint Anne's Chapel
6:00 PM Bell Choir Rehearsal
September - May
7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal
September - May
8:00 AM Bible Study Study Text
In-person and via Zoom
6:00 PM Evening Prayer
Saint Anne's Chapel
6:30 PM Bible Study

No Events Scheduled

No Events Scheduled

Following The Way Of Jesus
Worship + Study + Service + Fellowship + Stewardship

  • Worship is the foundation of our Christian life. In worship, we open ourselves to receive God's Holy Spirit, the source of divine grace and love.

  • Study informs and strengthens our Christian life. In study, we nourish our faith by exploring Holy Scripture and the Christian tradition.

  • Service is the practical expression of our Christian life. In service, we engage with our neighbors in life-sustaining ministries of hospitality and generosity.

  • Fellowship is the heart of our Christian life. In fellowship, we enjoy companionship with family and fellow church members.

  • Stewardship sustains our Christian life. In stewardship, we care for the Church and world for ourselves and future generations.

Historic Old Saint Anne's Church

Historic Old Saint Anne's Church is located on the corner of South Broad Street and St. Anne's Church Road in Middletown, Delaware. Established 1704-1705 by a missionary society of the Church of England in what was then known as Appoquinimy (present day Middletown and Odessa) and named in honor of Queen Anne, English monarch at the time of the parish's founding, Saint Anne's has two historic church buildings in which to worship: Old Saint Anne's Church (built 1768-1772) and Saint Anne's "town church" (built in 1872 and destroyed in the Great Fire of Middletown in 1882 and rebuilt later that year).

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